Excelsisusa.com Website Review & Ratings + Excelsis Coupons
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Excelsisusa.com Website Review & Ratings + Excelsis Coupons

Excelsis: Products & Services

Excelsis is a US based company that produces a wode range of Colognes. The company became famous for producing The Popes Cologne. This cologne was expressly made for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of the 60th anniversay of his ordination into priesthood.

The Pope's Cologne is fondly referred to as 'a fresh new fragrances from the past'. This classic Old World cologne was made from the private formula of Pope Pius IX. This formula was obtained from the descendants of the Pope's guard and faithful friend, General Charles Charette. The company used real essential oils and followed this exclusive, complex formula meticulously to develop a perfume similar to what Pope Pius IX used over 150 years ago.

This historic cologne is extraordinary with notes of citrus and violet and surprising freshness. It is attractively packaged and makes a wonderful gift.

Excelsis comes with a free, holy card of Pope Pius IX. It is offered in memory of Pope Pius IX who was the longest reigning Pope since St. Peter. He ruled the catholic Church during a time of tumult and numerous changes.

Excelsis: Company Background

Excelsis is a company that was founded by Dr. Fredrick J. Hass in 2005. The company was founded to produce and market The Popes Cologne, a cologne made from the original formula of Pope Pius IX. Pope Pius IX was born in 1792 and died in 1878. 

This cologne was made for His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to mark the 60th anniversary since he was ordained into priesthood. Pope Benedict XVI was ordained in Freising Cathedral, Bavaria on 29th June, 1951.

The offices of Excelsis are at 11 Sandstone Court, San Rafael, CA 94903, USA. The toll free telephone number of the company is 888.357.3957, the fax number is 415.507.9557 and the email address is customerservice@thepopescologne.com.

The IP address of this company is and the server is located at Fremont, California, United States. The website was launched on 2nd May, 2005. This means that this company has been doing business online for more than 7 years.

Excelsis: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Excelsis has received numerous positive comments from customers who have used it. However, there are a few people who had some complaints about this cologne. Most customers are happy with the lovely, light, elegant citrus scent. A few think that the price of the cologne is on the higher side. Below is what some customers who bought the cologne at Amazon are saying.

  • I first gave this little bottle to my husband a few years ago, and our sons laughed when they saw the bottle...however, they stopped laughing when they smelled it. My husband has gone through two bottles and has asked for another. Lovely, elegant, light citrus scent.
  • I've bought this product several times for myself and for others. The feedback has been positive. As long as they keep making it I will buy it. Great product.
  • My husband loves this stuff, but personally I think it smells like pine-sol. Yuck! It is however a more masculine cologne than what most cologne smells like today. I think the men's cologne today it a bit feminine smelling, this stuff reminds me of what a really old wise man would wear. Kind of like oft not any more special than Polo and or other famous brands of cologne. 
  • This fragrance is subtle, subdued and sweet. I gave it as a gift to a friend. While he was a male friend I can easily see either gender wearing this because the aroma is so soothing and does not bark out at you like some of those rabid smells from cosmetic manufactures.
  • Over priced and over rated, scent not any more special than Polo and or other famous brands of cologne.
Excelsis: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Determining the business credibility of Excelsis is rather difficult because the company does not have a rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB is a reputable, non profit organization that provides free business credibility reviews on millions of businesses. A company has to register with BBB in order to be rated.

However, Excelsis is widely covered in some of the major media outlets including national television and leading magazines and newspapers. These include New York Daily News, San Francisco Chronicle, Marin Independent Journal, Novato Advance, The National Post and The Scented Salamander. It has also been covered by the Wall Street Journal, ICN, South Coast Today, Highbeam and L.A. Catholic.

Excelsis: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Excelsis website does not seem to be very popular. For instance, Alexa has given it a Global popularity ranking of 16,583,493 out of the 30 million global domains. The popularity of this website has not been rated by Compete.

The website has 71 sites linking in and Google has given it a Good PageRank of 4 out of 10 and an SEO score of 9%. The estimated percentage of global internet users who visit this site in a period of 3 months is 0.000003%. The site is estimated to be worth $228.

Excelsis: Social Media Presence

Excelsis does not have a good social media presence. For instance, this company is missing in some of the leading social media networking sites such as Twitter and Google+. It does not also operate a blog.

However, the company does have a page on Facebook. Its activity on Facebook is however minimal as there are only 10 likes and 1 picture uploaded. The link to its Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Popes-Cologne-Excelsis/119647958143163.

Excelsis: Website Security & Safety

When it comes to processing payments, the Excelsis website is quite secure. This is because the checkout section of this website has a secure (https://) connection. This means that customers are secure from credit card fraud.

In addition, Google has listed this website as safe. The last time Google visited this site was on 29th October, 2012. One page was tested and no suspicious content was found on the site. The site has also not hosted any malicious software or functioned as an intermediary for the infection of other sites over the past 90 days. The link to this Diagnostic test is http://google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=www.thepopescologne.com.

Excelsis: Pricing & Packages

The top-level package of Excelsis is The Pope's Cologne. The company is ready to provide a free 0.04 fl. oz. sample for those who would like to try out this cologne before deciding to buy. However, a small handling and shipping fee of $4.50 is charged.

This company charges a different price per bottle depending on the destination. International orders cost slightly higher because there is a 20% surcharge to cover shipping and handling costs. Those who purchase in bulk are given good discounts. Below are the prices charged for local and international orders:

USA Orders

  • 1 to 11 bottles -  $25.95 per bottle
  • 1 - 11 dozen -  $156.00 per dozen
  • 11 dozen or more - contact customer service pricing

International Orders

  • 1 to 11 bottles - $32.00 per bottle
  • 1 - 11 dozen - $196.00 per dozen
  • 11 dozen or more - contact customer service for pricing

The prices charged by this company are competitive and compare well with what the competitors are charging for similar products. Below is a comparison of prices:

  • Excelsis - $25.95
  • Versace Dreamer Cologne for Men - $30.98
  • Armani Code by Giorgio Amani - $21.48
  • Black by Kenneth Cole - $31.98L
  • L'Eai d"Osseu Cologne for Men by Issey Miyake - $25.48
Excelsis: Shipping Rates & Policies

The Excelsis website does not say much about the company's shipping rates and policies. For instance, they do not say how long processing and delivery of orders takes. The shipping methods used are not also mentioned on the website. However, this company ships to different parts of the world.

The company can provide a free sample for those who would like to test this cologne before ordering.  A small shipping fees of $4.50 is charged for the free sample to cater for shipping and handling.

Shipping and handling for United States orders is free. Handling and shipping for international orders is also free but a 20% surcharge is made to cover these costs.

Excelsis: Payment Methods Accepted

Excelsis accepts a number of payment methods for the convenience of customers. Those who wish to get the free sample are supposed to send a money order or check to the address of the company to pay for the shipping and handling.

The company also accepts use of PayPal which is on of the safest, easier ways of purchasing goods online. Alternatively, customers can pay using credit cards such as Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard.

Excelsis: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

It is difficult to determine the return/refund policy of Excelsis.  This is because the website does not mention anything to do with their return/refund policy. It has not also made any mention of a money-back guarantee. It seems that this company is yet to put such policies in place.

Excelsis: Product images & screenshots
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